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When it all first started in 2007, Imbiss Stube was originally just a sandwich deli in Cilandak Town Square Mall. After a revamp in 2010, Imbiss Stube soon gravitated on a menu expansion. Alongside Imbiss Stubes sandwich specialities, a number of of Die Stubes favorite dishes can be found in the menu. As one of the coziest and relaxing venues in the Mall, Imbiss Stube has become a popular choice to enjoy fulfilling lunch breaks and rewarding happy hours.

Today, Imbiss Stube can be found surrounded by its newly decorative interior. One side of its walls is dedicated to nautical knick-knacks while the other hangs large mirrors. Although much has changed since 2010, various original menu items such as the Ruben Farmers Eggs Sandwich still remain a popular choice.

Alike its sister branch, Imbiss Stube retains the same level of excellence that Die Stube has introduced. It is through the coziness of its small venue that we hope many more will return to experience it again and again.

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